I saw an announcement on the webs and tooled over to their website. It looks like they are doubling the number of subscriptions. If I was only living in the area…

Maverick Farms Launches High Country CSA!

Maverick Farms has launched the High Country CSA, a community-supported agriculture (CSA) project linking area consumers to several local vegetable farms.

Developed in the 1960s in Japan, CSAs are a way for communities to share the risks and the bounty of the harvest with the farmer. CSAs offer a positive alternative to the conventional agricultural system in which consumers and farmers are estranged. In its stead, CSAs create a viable economic model in which farmers receive 100 percent of the food dollar. In a CSA, consumers take direct responsibility for supporting their local foodshed, pre-buying produce before the season begins, pitching in work during the season, and then reaping the benefits of the harvest each week as the season progresses.

Maverick farms opened its first CSA in 2005 with 10 members. By 2008, membership increased to 25, which the farm felt was near its capacity. To meet increasing demand due to community interest in local food, Maverick decided to take 2009 to facilitate a multi-farm CSA. This High Country CSA opened with 50 shares, with plans to increase membership annually. The 2010 HCCSA membership will be increased to 100 members.

via Maverick Farms: Farm-CSA.

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