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The Drive from Floyd, June 2004

 Two years ago we spent a week in Watauga County, south of Valle Crucis on Nettles Knob. On of the day trips we took up to Mabry’s Mill. On the drive back we took the Parkway the whole way, stopping along the way as things caught our interest. This was one of those stops. I look forward to the return trip this year. Now that I know more of the area and it citizens, the trip will mean more.

I spent most of the day yesterday hooking up our new DSL to our home network kludge we live with. Replacing the old dial-up has been on the “to-do” list for a while and ATT finally made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I wasn’t able to get online till late (after a nice long session with Chris at ATT/Yahoo High Speed Internet…Thanks Chris). Today the whole family has been pushing the limits trying to stream different media at once. So far there have only been a few dropped streams…Life is good.

As I sit here, wireless and online for the first time since we found ourselves with a home network, writing my blog and listening to WNCW’s “Goin’ Across The Mountain”, I can almost feel the mountain breeze a blowin’. From the streaming radio though it sounds like the breeze is more of a storm in southwestern North Carolina, southeastern Tennessee and western South Carolina…

I want to thank those of you who have stopped by and left comments, the kind words of encouragement are appreciated. I am still trying to get a handle on what I feel it is I am being drawn to do on this site, so bear with me if you would.

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One reply on “The Drive from Floyd, June 2004”

Ahhhhh, what a sight…any part of the Parkway is a balm for ‘sore eyes’…eyes that normally can only observe the flat lands of the deep South…eyes that long for the healing landscapes of the Blue Ridge of N.C. and Virginia.
We, too, would dearly love to ‘pack our tent’ and steal away to the beauty of the Blue Ridge.
For now, vacations amongst the majesty of the mountains will have to suffice for restoring the soul and spirit so that the rest of the year can be endured.

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