How Much is Enough?

Fragments from Floyd: “most of what I find to do these days is done with my butt in a chair, letting my fingers do the walking. Ann prys me out of the seat a couple of times a day to accompany her on one of many sanity-walks, but that is hardly a cardiovascular workout…”

You know Fred, I have the same problem. All day on the computer at the day gig, all evening reading and writing on the computer at home. My better half doesn’t understand the call to put this out there, but then she has been questioning my sanity for most of the 25+ years we have been married. She was sure I was crazy back in the ’80’s when I bought that first computer, she has questioned each of the computers we’ve brought into the house since.

The problem I have is probably the opposite of yours though, here in my part of Texas it’s only comfortable for outdoor physical activity for about a quarter of the year. It’s not the quarter you are used to in the mountains, we have been pushing temperatures up toward the 90’s for better than a month now. By the time summer officially gets here we’ll be hitting the low 100’s…Makes me long for winter and temperatures in the 40’s.

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Okay, I’ll quit whining about the ‘almost 80’ we’re expecting tomorrow. Of course, that’s in Roanoke. We’ll hit 75 maybe here–plenty enough warm for me, and if I’m working outside tomorrow, I’ll do it before 9 while the temps are still in the 50s and a sweatshirt feels just right. Or maybe I’ll just stay in and browse blogs. We’ll see.

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