Day into Night

Do you find it as disconcerting as I do when the morning goes from sunny to dusk in an hour? As you can tell from the screenshot, the weather here is a bit unsettled on this Memorial Day 2006. I am sure a whole lot of barbeque is being doused by the rain.

Today usually marks the beginning of the barbeque season here, which is a whole nuther thing than what ya’ll do in the Blue Ridge region. For one thing we are talkin’ smoked meat…and we are talkin’ beef briskit, the most unused piece of beef in existance. Of course, it takes a bit of work to make a brisket edible, mainly hours and hours of smoking. I actually started mine yesterday afternoon. Of course, you don’t do any of this at a high temperature.

So as I sit here watching the rain my brisket is finishing off in the oven at 250…Ya’ll have a great day, hear.

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