Loose Leaf Notes

Loose Leaf Notes: ““Mining the Gold of a Story,” which comes from this excerpt from the book: In this physical world, we have to mine for treasure. Gold and silver are precious gems are not usually found lying around on the surface of the earth. It’s the same with us; we have to excavate our own treasure, down through the door of our childhood, through the pain of what hurts, into the grief of our losses. Life nudges us to go deeper because to live on the surface is superficial. There is so much more.”

Colleen has a way of really saying something that just reaches out and shakes you by the shoulders and says ‘wake up, this is important.’ Thanks for the wake-up call today, Colleen.

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Thanks, Gary. I connected with Patry last summer with a post about Paragon Park, the amusement park in the Massachusetts beach town I grew up in that isn’t there anymore. She, who grew up in the same town as my grandmother, remembered it. I’ve been reading her on and off ever since. A waitress writer, who wouldn’t?

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