Leon Hale | Affirming the power of music

Leon Hale | Affirming the power of music: “Music is one of the reasons I like Round Top, the little country town in Fayette County. You can be at the Post Office talking to farmers about the weather and a classical musician from Europe might walk in. He’d be there because of James Dick’s Festival Hill facility, which draws professional musicians and talented students to Round Top from all over the world.

Recently my partner and I went to a symphony concert at Festival Hill. They played Mozart. Well, I wouldn’t know Mozart if he was sitting in the first chair playing fiddle, but I loved that grand symphony sound floating out of a building there in that country town.

Cows grazing just across the road could hear it, and appreciated it, too, I don’t doubt. (They’ve shown long ago that cows give more milk when nice music is piped into dairy barns.)”

Leon Hale has been doing a Newspaper column here in Houston for longer than I’ve been alive. I was raised reading him. He has worked for both of the local dailies (now only one like most cities). His column is like a look into the way it used to be…And I think it always has been. If you have a minute, check him out.

He just started a blog of his own and you’ll find it here