Summer doldrums

Since returning from my trip up the mountain I haven’t been able to work up much enthusiasm for posting here. I started this blog while in the buildup of excitement before this years NC mountain trip…now on the downside I need to refocus on the dream.

The few of you, who are out there reading this, please bear with me. I will get back into the groove shortly.

I think my main problem is the season. I have never enjoyed this time of year on the Texas Gulf coast. The heat, the humidity, the mosquitoes…oh my God, the mosquitoes, just about the time the heat manages to moderate out come the swarms. I tried to walk out and enjoy the moonlight on Sunday, but only lasted a few minutes before the “bzzzzing’ and slapping myself drove me back into the air conditioned cocoon of the house.

Kinda’ makes me miss those days at my grandparents back when I was young. In those days, after supper you would retire not to the TV but to the side yard and the lawn chairs. There we would spend the time before we were run in to baths watching the stars come out and listening to Grandpa tell his tall tales, he always had the best stories to entertain us with. And as an added bonus we would usually see some “falling stars” or catch ”lightning bugs” in a jar…

Anyway, I’ll try to get this blog back on a regular schedule ASAP.

Photo For Today

Street Sign in Boone, NC