First Thursday

My day online…

I keep reading about what a morning person Fred First is and I think it must be that Blue Ridge air, ’cause the only place I ever get up that early (without a really good reason, like a drive to the mountains) is in the mountains. And even there I don’t think I ever get up quite that early. Usually my morning starts with the full bathroom run and getting dressed for work. Then I put together lunch to go, pour up a cup of coffee and fire up my email. After reading my email, which usually entails some news headlines being chased, I will meander on over to “Fragments From Floyd” to see what Fred has to say before I head of to work.

It’s my evenings after supper (how’s that for a good ole southern boy) that I set with a glass of wine and run through my blog reading list. I usually run down an rss list in IE7 (for some reason I like the new rss reader section better than any other reader I have seen) first and then wander through an expanded blog favorites list in Mozilla…

My first stop is always to see what Marie Freeman has been up to for the day, she photographs my favorite little corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was her site that originally led me by Fred’s and a number of others on my evening reading list. From Maries I usually wander on south (er north now) to visit at No Direction Home to see what Fletch might have seen today. I’ll wander back to Floyd County and check in at Loose Leaf: Notes from a Writer’s Journal, Ripples: post-corporate adventures, Blue Ridge Muse, Leon Hale, verb-ops, evhead (who started Blogger), LILEKS The Bleat, View from the Mountain, The Magpie Nest, Lifescapes, prairie point, Eidolon, SIMPLY WAIT, Hoarded Ordinaries, Endment, The Firefly Forest, raven’s nest, and on and on until it’s time for bed. If I feel adventurous I’ll even look at some political blogs (but you have to really watch that in an election year). It’s almost like an evening on the front porch having your friends wandering by and visitin’ a spell.

Photo Of The Day

Boone, NC Street Scene – Mast General Store

Ya’ll Have a Good Day…