The Blog of Henry David Thoreau: Thoreau’s Journal: 11-Aug-1853

The Blog of Henry David Thoreau: Thoreau’s Journal: 11-Aug-1853: “Thoreau’s Journal: 11-Aug-1853
What shall we name this season? This very late afternoon, or very early evening, this severe and placid season of the day, most favorable for reflection, after the insufferable heats and the bustle of the day are over and before the dampness and twilight of the evening! The serene hour, the Muses’ hour, the season of reflection! It is commonly desecrated by being made teatime. It begins perhaps with the very earliest condensation of moisture in the air, when the shadows of hills are first observed, and the breezes begin to go down, and birds begin again to sing. The pensive season. It is earlier than the ‘“chaste eve’” of the poet. Bats have not come forth. It is not twilight. There is no dew yet on the grass, and still less any early star in the heavens. It is the turning-point between afternoon and evening. The few sounds now heard, far or near, are delicious. It is not more dusky and obscure, but clearer than before. The clearing of the air by condensation of mists more than balances the increase of shadows. Chaste eve is merely preparing with ‘dewy finger’” to draw o’’er all ‘“the gradual dusky veil.’” Not yet ‘“the ploughman homeward plods his weary way,’ nor owls nor beetles are abroad. It is a sea”

I know I’ve mentioned this blog before, but todays post just seemed to speak to me so I am putting it here.

On another note I am experimenting with a new news reader. I have never been satisfied with any news reader I have tried. I just recently gave up on the one built into IE7 (that was all I was running the beta for) and went back to Google Reader. But, I must admit I kinda’ like this new reader…Newshutch. If you are like me and tend to subscribe to folks blog feeds, this new reader seems to have a better interface…try it out, tell ’em I sent ya…

Photo of the Day

Dew on Pine needles, Boyd Gap, Tn.
July 2006