Heat, Heat and More Heat

I was out last night with hopes of seeing some meteors. About the only thing I saw in the night sky other than the dim stars was a few airplanes. Living in the Houston Galveston metropolitan area the nights never get that clear. The thing over-riding every other sense though was the heat…you could literally smell the heat in the air. When I went out at 9:30 the temperature had dropped down to about 88 degrees. Not a comfortable temperature. And there wasn’t a bit of breeze blowing at all. Even the few fireflies out seemed to be having trouble showing any enthusiasm with their lights. The weathermen are predicting mid 90s today and upper 90s by the end of the week.

I am reading in the blogs that the summer heat appears to have broken. Fred made the comment that the temperature hadn’t gotten out of the 60s all day on Saturday. David had a photo of a fire in the woodstove on Sunday.

You will have to forgive me for living vicariously through the mountain Bloogers I follow as they begin that slide into fall that won’t hit me till Thanksgiving at least.

Photo of the Day

Clark Creek Road Barn
This barn stands on the corner of Clark Creek Road and NC192.
I actually pulled over to take a picture of a horse standing by a rail fence to the right of this shot. About the time I got the shot set up the way I wanted the horse’s owners pulled into the frame to feed him. The SUV didn’t quite work in the shot I wanted, so I shifted to this one. Every time I passed, I looked for the original shot…never happened again.

Have a great day…wherever you dream to be.

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I dream to be right there in those mountains. The ocean is beautiful, but ah, there’s nothing quite like the hills.

Hello Patry…was just reading your post about the “joy”. I think I was in it when I was running around with the camera the day I took this. Enjoy your moments in the groove…

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