Siberian thaw to speed up global warming

From the Observer | World we learn the Global Warming trend could be accelerating…

“The frozen bogs of Siberia are melting, and the thaw could have devastating consequences for the planet, scientists have discovered.

They have found that Arctic permafrost, which is starting to melt due to global warming, is releasing five times more methane gas than their calculations had predicted.”

Methane gas is becoming the unexpected final straw. Also a “greenhouse” gas, methane is coming to the fore as a harbinger of global climate change. Methane is a natural byproduct of decomposition, it is being produced all around us everyday and generally released into the air.

“…in the permafrost regions of Siberia and the Arctic the gas gets locked into the frozen soil, and over the millennia this has built up to create a vast reservoir of the gas.”

Add this to the fact that there are probably large amounts of methane held in the sediments on the floor of lakes and seas around the world. That methane is produced in the raising of rice by the decomposition of organic matter in the flooded fields.

Here is a graph of the growth in global methane between 1993 and 2002-

Something to think about on a Sunday morning…

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Sunset in the backyard

Playing with the new camera last evening. When I went out and set up to wait on the sunset there were many more clouds here. Unfortunately, they dissipated fairly quickly. I’m still learning the controls and settings…Thank god I can just delete the mistakes…