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Leon Hale – Piddling

Ever since they gave Leon Hale a blog life has been better. Now he drops little thought pictures out there that wouldn’t make a whole column…Check out his thoughts on piddling.

Leon Hale | A blog featuring Houston Chronicle columnist Leon Hale: “People are always asking me what I do here in the country. What I do is not much. Mostly I piddle. I just checked Mr. Webster to see if piddle is a valid word. He says yes. ‘To deal or work in trifling or petty ways.’

Piddling comes naturally to me. When I was a day-dreamy kid my Methodist mother would accuse me of ‘piddling around’ when she wanted me to be constructive. I feel that here at Winedale I’ve taken piddling to new heights. I am able to spend an entire day on trifling tasks that should require no more than half an hour.”

Go read the whole thing, you might discover what has made him so popular in Houston for the past 60 years or so…