TGIF Coffee Thoughts

It seems the morning email list is beginning to follow a pattern. The first couple of emails concern my blog traffic (and yes I do look), followed by my My-Cast Weather Report, followed by the Washington Post Headlines. From today’s Weather Report I see there is a nip in that mountain air with both Boone, NC and Floyd, Va reporting temperatures in the upper 30’s. Seems the temperatures should be right for the festivities coming up in the next couple of weeks…

The Post is reporting that the President is praising House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.). Is that the kiss of death or what? “Way to go Coach”. It really is time for a change. The wife and I were discussing the Kinky campaign here in Texas. We both sign his petition, but now she is feeling ashamed of her support at that time, seems Kinky really doesn’t know when to shut up. Oh well my support was a protest to start with but I think I’ll be voting for the only tacitly liberal candidate in the race, Mr Bell.

Time to hit the road…catch ya later.