Weather – Rain and More Rain

You really have to enjoy rain when you live on the SE coast of Texas. It doesn’t rain all the time, as a matter of fact, we’ve been through a bit of a dry spell. But when we get rain…We get rain. The past couple of days have brought anything from 4-18″ of rain. And it’s still coming down…No photos no fun.

Oh, and did I mention the wind and the heat….I heard the weather man say we were headed for 88 degrees tomorrow. Where did autumn go?

I took advantage of the weather to finish One Foot in Eden: A Novel by Ron Rash. I really enjoyed the read. I had to put the book aside last week before I read the whole thing in an evening. The way Ron Rash told this story through the eyes of the different characters was novel. The way he got into the minds of his characters and let you almost fell what it was like to hoe tobacco or cabbage. I look forward to picking up another of his stories.

Today I’ve gone back to reading some more of Finding A Clear Path by Jim Minick. I downloaded some of his essays through a link on Fred site last week and enjoyed putting a voice to is words. I am trying to read just a few sections at a time to drag out the enjoyment. ‘though, its nice to know that I’ll be able to earn a living in the mountains now growing “sang”. I like that it only takes a decade to harvest a crop…And I just love my ginseng tea.

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