Long week with no posts….

Sorry for my absence, if anyone noticed. I never know how many readers might actually lurk out there (if any). It has been a long week at work, I am behind and getting even further behind by the day. But I am glad to be over the hump and headed for the weekend. I haven’t even made it out on any photo expeditions. The weekend weather for the past two weeks has been quite unappealing. Hopefully, this weekend will invite me out to enjoy the conversation…

Most of what I am reading these days is political in nature, even when I try to limit my political intake. And, though, the polls lead me to be optimistic, I do not want to get my hopes up to high before Nov. 8. As anyone who wanders through these musings will be aware my political leanings are definitely leftward.

So…In order to push my thoughts in another direction, I found today’s “A Cook’s Garden” an informative read. What with the history of Halloween and jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkin pies and soups, Barbara Damrosch manages to capture my interest in a subject I didn’t expect to find interesting…And she starts out this way…

“A big red pumpkin sits on my kitchen counter, the color of the sun when it is just about to set. It lights up the whole room. About 15 inches across, with a flattened shape, its name is Rouge Vif d’Etampes, a French heirloom introduced by Burpee in 1883. I will be enjoying it long after Halloween, but right now it is part of the celebration.”

All Hail the Great Pumpkin –

Oh well…gotta run. Work calls.

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The mighty hunter…

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I try not to get my hopes up either, remembering how easy it is to steal elections with electronic voting machines that have no means to really count.

I just posted about Democratic Senatorial Candidate Webb and former Governor Mark Warner coming to Floyd. I thought you might be interested.

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