Monday Coffee Reads

Monday Coffee Reads
If nothing else, this op-ed from the Washington Post has one of the best lines on the Bush Administration and Climate Change I have seen in a while.

Changing Climate on Climate – “Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that the intransigence of Mr. Bush’s administration on climate change will long survive his tenure, no matter who succeeds him. Will he take a hand in developing America’s response to this global problem, or will he go down as the president who fiddled while Greenland melted?”

Let’s hope they are right about the change coming next week.

This little tidbit from Robert Novak really hit me like a blast from the past…

Losing Nicaragua Again –”Oliver North and his associates were leaving Managua last Tuesday on a private plane after a dramatic surprise visit when they heard news they could scarcely comprehend. The State Department had just issued a “public announcement” that, in effect, warned Americans not to travel to Nicaragua because of the prospect for “violent demonstrations” and “sporadic acts of violence” leading up to the Nov. 5 presidential election there.”

Does Oliver North still have the ability to bring out the high dollar donors for the Republican Party? Why this reference to the darling of the Reagan Republicans at this time.

Oliver North and the reaction the non-delegate attendees at the ’92 Convention had to him was one of the things that pushed me completely into backing only Democratic Party Candidates (unless, as happens often in rural Texas, you can’t find a Democrat which means you vote Green of Libertarian or even Socialist to vote against the Republican Party). I think it was the way they fawned over a man , who by all accounts I had seen, should have been in prison not walking around with bodyguards at a Political Convention.

Then you have this…

”That buttresses suspicion that the U.S. government wants to keep away meddling Americans like North, who seek to influence an election that now appears likely to return Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas to power after an absence of 16 years.”

My God, is Oliver North still “meddling” in Nicaragua after all these years?

Time to hit the road…more later.

I apologize for the political nature of the above, my only excuse is that is what is in the news…

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Oliver North a blast from the past? A true Reagan Conservative much like our own Senator Fred Smith — former military officer and captain with JAG.

You have a great blog. You should update it more.

Thanks for the encouragement. I tend to put something out here whenever I think I have something to add (problem with that is I’m thinking). My posts have been fairly even for the last few months anyway.

Again thanks for reading…

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