Bill Moyers discusses the spread of environmental concern among evangelicals | By David Roberts | Grist | Main Dish | 05 Oct 2006

One of the best things Texas has ever produced, at least from this liberal’s viewpoint…Bill Moyers.

Bill Moyers discusses the spread of environmental concern among evangelicals | By David Roberts | Grist | Main Dish | 05 Oct 2006: “Just after the 2004 election, in his 70th year, legendary journalist Bill Moyers retired from full-time television, giving up the reins of his beloved PBS show Now. But Moyers has not left behind his vocation or his network. This month, PBS will air a new three-part special, Moyers on America.

The second part — Is God Green?, airing Oct. 11 — traces the growing environmental consciousness of conservative evangelical Christians.”

I stumbled on the first episode of the series and it kept me up past my bedtime. I plan to stay up late again tomorrow night…Check out your local listings.

Mediterranean Diet

More good news about the Mediterranean Diet…

Mediterranean Diet May Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay – “Scientists have produced more evidence for the health benefits of eating a ‘Mediterranean diet’: It apparently can help protect your brain.

The diet consists of lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, olive oil and fish, and small amounts of red meat and dairy products. Previous studies have found that such a diet appears to reduce the risk of a variety of diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and raised the possibility that it might also reduce the odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease.”

I notice they don’t mention the wine that goes with every meal in the area…

Sunday Road Trip

I felt the need for another Sunday photo road trip. I was a little depressed about not rising to this weeks Friday Photo Challenge, so a Galveston sunrise trip appeared to be required. Sadly the cloud cover did not cooperate…So a ferry ride later, it was Bolivar and a lighthouse and pelicans, lots of pelicans.

Bolivar Light House
October 8, 2006

Apple Blossom Time

As screwy as it may seem, my apple trees can never quite figure out when to bloom. Mostly they bloom in the spring. But every fall these crazy trees will put on a few blooms…here’s a few from last month.

Leon Hale – Piddling

Ever since they gave Leon Hale a blog life has been better. Now he drops little thought pictures out there that wouldn’t make a whole column…Check out his thoughts on piddling.

Leon Hale | A blog featuring Houston Chronicle columnist Leon Hale: “People are always asking me what I do here in the country. What I do is not much. Mostly I piddle. I just checked Mr. Webster to see if piddle is a valid word. He says yes. ‘To deal or work in trifling or petty ways.’

Piddling comes naturally to me. When I was a day-dreamy kid my Methodist mother would accuse me of ‘piddling around’ when she wanted me to be constructive. I feel that here at Winedale I’ve taken piddling to new heights. I am able to spend an entire day on trifling tasks that should require no more than half an hour.”

Go read the whole thing, you might discover what has made him so popular in Houston for the past 60 years or so…

Another shot from Sunday Morning

Elizabeth Point, Galveston Bay
Oct 1, 2006

Looks like I need to do more of these Sunday Photo Trips. So far they are turning up some really nice shots…to work, I must now go. Have a great day.

Fishing the Sunday Sun Up

I got out of bed earlier than normal this Sunday morning ’cause I wanted to make the 30+ minute run down toward Galveston to try and catch some shots as the sun came up…I almost didn’t make it. This shot is of a fishing boat close to the railroad bridge on the mainland side of the bay. Galveston is on the opposite shore. I enjoyed a couple of hours of early morning photog time before heading home…