Friday morning meandering through the back roads of my mind

Friday morning meandering through the back roads of my mind

For those of you who may read this through rss, let me apologize for the dump of old posts you probably got yesterday. I just migrated this and my other blogs to Blogger Beta and it would seem that in the process it republishes everything; sorry if anyone was put off by the mass. I made the move out of frustration with the problems of publishing to the old Blogger. I am not completely happy yet. For some reason the “Blog This” button on my toolbar just gets fried with the new login procedures. Sadly, the Google Team hasn’t yet put together any real documentation (that I can find) on settings and changes you need to make with this changeover. Oh well, work arounds are a thing of life when it comes to computers, hopefully someone at Blogger will begin to flesh out the Beta Help Files.

On another note, I have been noticing an increase in traffic on this site. In looking over the metrics I find most of the new traffic coming from two sites. Loose Leaf Notes was the first to link and start traffic coming this way, thanks Colleen. The newest traffic driver is Blue Ridge Blog. This is the site of Marie Freeman who is a photographer at the Watauga Democrat in Boone, NC. It was by stumbling upon Marie’s site last year that eventually led to Colleen’s so the circle closes. Again, thanks ladies.

And on another note…Yesterday was the 28th anniversary of my marriage to Sherry. So this weekend will be our annual run away from the kids weekend. So…blogging will probably not be happening till we return.

Ya’ll have a great weekend.