An Inconvenient Case for Supreme Court –

Since they selected him to run the country it’s only fitting that they figure out what to do with him when he doesn’t. Time for a little accountability on the part of some black robed non-members of the electoral college? 

WASHINGTON — Things are bound to heat up at the Supreme Court Wednesday, when justices weigh whether the Clean Air Act requires the Bush administration to do something about global warming.

In the late 1990s, the Clinton administration determined that greenhouse gasses — such as auto emissions, which contribute to global climate change — fell under the Environmental Protection Agency’s jurisdiction. Challenged by then-Rep. Tom DeLay (R., Texas) at a 1998 congressional hearing, the EPA produced a legal opinion concluding that carbon dioxide could be regulated if the agency determined it contributed to “adverse effects on public health, welfare or the environment.”

You have to love it when Tom Delay is mentioned. The new scapegoat of everything politically incorrect in America today. Where were all of these “journalists” when Tommy was ruining the country?

But even if greenhouse gases were pollutants and Congress had authorized the EPA to regulate them, the agency said it had no obligation to act. It cited “uncertainty” over the way global warming worked and the best way to remedy it, particularly in light of diplomatic disputes over the Kyoto Protocol and other international approaches to the problem.

Isn’t this the famous Bush environmental policy. Raise false claims of “uncertainty”, hire hack scientists if you have to, and then since there is “uncertainty” put off acting until such time as someone else is in charge. We can only hope the court will decide that in reality they are the “deciders” not Mr. Bush.

Source: An Inconvenient Case for Supreme Court –