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Another Study, Another Reason to Drink Red Wine –

 In the last month we’ve been given two reasons to drink red wine. First it was the resveratrol which was keeping overweight, out of shape mice young now it’s procyanidins…

In the latest research, Roger Corder of Queen Mary’s School of Medicine in London and colleagues analyzed various components of red wine. They found that substances called procyanidins appeared to have the most potent beneficial effect on the cells that enable arteries to power the heart.

Moreover, the researchers discovered that levels of procyanidins were highest in red wines produced in southwestern France, where French men tend to live the longest, according to a report in today’s issue of the journal Nature.

Just for the record the article also mentioned dark chocolate, apples and cranberries as suppliers of procyanidins. Looks like a menu made for the holidays…I would like to know more about the diet of these men from southwestern France though.

Source: Another Study, Another Reason to Drink Red Wine –