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Thursday Morning Coffee

I find myself sitting here with my coffee, already through the mornings emails and nothing caught my interest enough to comment on.

I’ve already visited my morning blogroll in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I followed Marie and Harley on their Christmas excursion to the wild Christmas Tree Farm. Checked in with Fred to see if he had recovered and was warmed by his tale of remembrances. I took a side trip following a link from FFF to Ruminations Of A Country Girl, who I have come to know from my visits at Fred’s place. She was reminiscing about growing up and her relatives in the mountains. I’ve been doing some reminiscing myself here lately and maybe I can put together something of interest this weekend. I next wandered down the road to Colleens and stood around with her in the backyard to watch the clouds and listen to the wind and the poetry.

It’s really a great way to start the morning, wandering around to friends places and getting a mountain “fix” to hold me over for another day.

That pretty much kills my morning at home, time to run youngest daughter to school and hit the road for work…Later.