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An anniversary of sorts…

As I was looking at my blogger dashboard the other day I noticed I was coming up on an anniversary of sorts and this post is it…This post is number 200 on this blog. That really doesn’t mean much, I suppose, to any one but me. And the real meaning of the number is that I managed to keep putting something out here on a semi-regular basis. So thanks to all of you who happen to wander on by this neck of the virtual woods and sit a spell with me…Your company is appreciated.

Since the day is Christmas Eve and I’m sure everyone has finished their preparations, I won’t waste your time…Merry Christmas to all, may you get the blessings you deserve/desire for the day.

Yesterday I was enticed outside by the look of the clouds and the day. The following is the picture that resulted after running three exposures through Photomatix…

This is the view of the backyard from the house. Back past the trees is Mustang Bayou.

Enjoy the Holidays catch you down the road.

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