Sunday Photography Seminar

I drug myself out of bed early yesterday and drove into downtown Houston to the U of H Downtown for a seminar on Digital Travel Photography presented by National Geographic Traveler. It was this paragraph in the email solicitation that pulled me in:

Learn the secrets of these two top nature and travel photographers, and get lots of useful, real-world advice to help make the most of the potential of digital photography while avoiding the pitfalls and exploding the myths that surround the medium. This seminar is intended for amateur to advanced amateur photographers new to digital or considering making the switch from film to digital capture. Using a slide-show/lecture format, Ralph and Bob will help ease your transition into the digital world.

I was very happy with the presentation put on by Ralph Lee Hopkins and Bob Krist. They covered a lot of ground and answered a lot of questions and kept the interest and the pace through the full 7 hours of the seminar.

I guess time will tell if I really absorbed what they had to teach….

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Hope you have benefited lots from the seminar. Can you that you are really a keen photographer. Would certainly love to look at your photograph pieces.

Anyway, I am like you – a keen photographer and I thought I should introduce to you another excellent resource that you can read if you are truly into photography.

Hope you will grow further in your photography skills.


Kwok Hua

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