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Monday Morning Muse

As I sit here with my first cup of coffee going through the mornings emails I see that winter is sticking around a bit this time in the Blue Ridges. I guess with Phil calling for an early spring Mother Nature decided to give us some winter to appreciate it. I can’t say winter is staying with us this past weekend, yesterday was nice and pleasant with sun and moderate temperatures. I think it probably went a little over 60 at some point during the day…As the day begins to lighten I see that the morning is starting out quite foggy. That should make for a fun ride into work this morning.

I see from Marie’s post that there is more snow in Valle Crucis. Floyd County is in the deep freeze also with Fred looking for a sign of spring…And looking for an encouraging word. Stop on by and say hi!

Time to run I’ll leave you with the following from last eve…

Last Nights Sunset

One of the original 13 oaks on our place here. We’ve added a few since we arrived a decade and a half ago…
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