HDR nature photography

Birthday Deer

Yesterday, being as it was my birthday (and gorgeous to boot), I played hooky (legitimately) and took myself out on a Photo Road Trip. This shot is one of the results. There is a rural subdivision located about 25 miles from home that is a wildlife sanctuary. The buildup of this subdivision has been underway for about 20 years or so and it’s still mostly open pasture with nice concrete roads wandering through it. Houses are still rare and far apart so the wildlife has the run of the place.

As I drove through yesterday there were at least five herds of twenty or more deer roaming around. This group was further away than most but offered the most picturesque setting.

All in all, as a road trip I was quite happy with the photo results. Of a bit over 100 shots I was happy enough with about 70 to add them to the mess I call my portfolio. I can see some time needed here to start putting these things in shape with keywords etc…I’ll post more over the next few days both here and on my Photo Blog.

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