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Monday Morning – Back to the grind…

Reading the emails this morning I see global warming is kicking in on the Blue Ridge Mountains. The forecast for my friends on both sides of the NC/VA line has temperatures in the 40’s for the next day or so. I hope y’all don’t get the type of weather we have had since Friday, totally overcast and dreary. So far we have been lucky with this batch of the drears since it hasn’t brought three days of rain with it, ‘though (knock on wood) they seem to be forecasting a slight chance of some rough weather for us today.

I don’t know about any of the rest of you, but isn’t it nice to get all of these mortgage approvals every day by email. It really ranks right up there with all of the drug adds. And that’s on the unpublished email address. You ought to see what comes in on the published account…

I see from the Floyd County Blogs that culture is busting out in that area. House concerts are an idea that has intrigued me since I first heard of them many years ago. I remember looking into a web-site even then that explained the ins and outs and what to expect. I always thought they seemed like the ultimate way to hear good music. No competition with the drinkin’ and talkin’ going on in a club, more intimate than a concert. Just a few people sitting around in an intimate setting with the music. Reminds me of back in the day (many, many years ago) when I knew some folks who were in groups and we would set around the living room while one or two or more would just perform…I envy both Fred and David with their musical neighborhood. Google Search for House Concerts

The clock on the wall says I gotta run, so…Catch you down the road.