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Tuesday Coffee Muses

When I woke up this morning the weather outside would fit the Blue Ridge Mountains in the summertime. This morning it is 62 degrees to start the day. The weather prognosticators are promising mid 70’s by the afternoon. The sky will stay mostly cloudy with just a slight chance of rain today. As I sit here now in the Kitchen with my coffee and my laptop, the back door is open and the birds are doing their morning thing.

I have had a spike in traffic this week according to Seems I did what a lot of other people did when I read Mary Mackey’s poetry last week. I immediately Googled Mary to find out more and then I did my blog post. That managed to get me on the search page just below the listing for the Writer’s Almanac itself and that alone has driven more traffic to my site than any other post I have ever had. Granted the numbers are nowhere near the daily reads for a lot of the blogs out there, but they sure show up as a spike in the charts. Since that day I have read more of Mary’s work and I really like what I’ve read.

Time to hit the road…

Now at work…We have set the date for this years trip to the Blue Ridge. We are planning for the last two weeks in July. Sherry wants to finally do the Biltmore bit on our way up to the Valle Crucis/Boone area. So that’ll call for a couple of days in the Asheville area.

I would like to make my way up to Floyd and meet the folks up that away. And Marie, we really need to try for that soda on the porch at the Mast or play some checkers by the stove…Or maybe just go wading in the river by the park and take some photos.

Well, it’s the companies time now so I better get to earning my keep…Gotta pay for the trip somehow…