Foggy, drippy morning

As I wandered out with the garbage this morning I could feel the fog in the air. The sound of the water dripping off the trees was everywhere. I will admit though, the temperature in the upper 50’s was nice. Yesterday we were pushing 80 by the afternoon and it made you appreciate being in the shade. After a very wet and cloudy start, the sky cleared of by mid-morning and it was a beautiful day as seen from behind the monitors on my desk (as in not). It’s days like yesterday that bring on that dreaded disease called “Spring Fever”, and I know I was beginning to feel the symptoms. If I am not careful I am sure the disease will become full blown and I’ll have to self- prescribe an afternoon on the grass with a kite…or a camera.

I see from the mornings run to Floyd County that Fred has expanded his borders a bit in his “writings of place”. With the addition of the new blog he is going to have more white space to fill. I look forward to tagging along on his exploration of discovery about the place he calls home and the people who have lived along that slow road and called it home also.

Well, I am running a bit late this morning and it’s about that time. I gotta run but I’ll try to add to this post later if I get the chance. Take care and have a great day.

This is a shot from the drive in this morning…

Photoshoped a bit to suit my eye.