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Lunch with Michael Pollan and John Mackey

I spent my lunch hour (x2) with Michael Pollan and John Mackey watching the webcast of their recent UC Berkeley gabfest. I thoroughly enjoyed the time. Both men appeared to be totally involved with their subject. John Mackey used the opportunity to make several initiative announcements for Whole Foods Market. I found myself being impressed with his talk. Some people seem to have been unhappy with the fact that the two men weren’t more at odds. I thought, given the nature of their past dialog, that the two men almost seem to have become friends. At least the impression that came across to me was that they respected each other.

I could be wrong, but I really wish there were more Whole Foods Markets around, especially closer to me. The whole idea of buying local kinda goes out the door when you have to do a 90 min round trip to buy your food…In my neck of the woods, the HEB Central Market brand rollout to all off their stores is going to make a bigger impact on the eating habits of a larger market.

I have read a lot of articles by Michael Pollan in the last few months. I guess I really need to buy the book. Why is it that I seem to spend a big part of my life book poor? Lots and lots of books, very little in the way of extra money. Oh well, when you don’t have the money to go and do, life seems just a little better with a good book to keep you company.

Fred, if you happen to be reading this, keep the camera handy, looks like Sunday or Monday could offer up another frosty morn for the image making. They are even predicting a possible freeze for the northern suburbs of Houston . We only thought old man winter was through with us. We have a lot of tender new growth showing here, it could be ugly.

On the drive in this morning I passed a couple of redbud trees that were bursting into bloom. The first sign of spring in SE Texas is usually these bloom covered small trees. I haven’t stopped and snapped a photo since I really don’t want anyone getting upset with me photographing their house early in the morning, but, hopefully I’ll get out this weekend and take a shot or two…But in the meantime you can go here for a shot. Another flowering plant showing up here and there are the Azaleas. We have two small one in full bloom at home already and on the morning drive I saw a couple of others in bloom. The full Azalea blush hasn’t started here yet, but, it’s starting.

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I’ll have to admit–I’ll miss the frost when it’s gone, would have liked one good snow. Weird (but maybe not) that we never got one this year. Ain’t over yet, neither!

Better watch what you wish for. With the weather we’ve been having you could get a March blizzard. We seem to have had more cold and more warm than usual this winter. Makes you wonder what’s to come in the next few years.

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