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Gardening by Podcast

Back in January I posted on a newspaper article out of Memphis about Felder Rushing and his concept of Slow Gardening. After that I stumbled across a link to a Podcast of a weekly gardening show on Mississippi Public Radio called the “Gestalt Gardener” with Felder and Dr. Dirt. If you enjoy gardening go take a listen to a couple of very entertaining and informative “characters”. I have become a big fan and can hardly wait for the Monday download of the Friday show.

Their info is aimed at the Mississippi Gulf Coast but it’s so entertaining…Who cares if you can’t raise the plant they are talking about.

2 replies on “Gardening by Podcast”

Gary, I thought that was you with long hair, until I clicked on the site you linked to. It is a nice photo regardless.

I looked at some seeds today. It won’t be long now.

Funny you should say that. I asked my wife if she didn’t see a resemblance. The only thing different is I can’t in any way grow that goatee of Felder’s.

I guess I should update my photo though since I have let the hair grow out in the last few months…I wear it in a ponytail most of the time. You could say I’m trying to recapture my youth, but sadly, the hair on top is all gone.

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