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Good Morning World

To all my friends on the Blue Ridges and points north…Throw another log on the fire, winter ain’t done with y’all yet. Here we switched to a breeze off the gulf so our temperatures are moderating. It’s a balmy 45 degrees outside right now and heading back up into springtime temps again today.

For all of the wine drinkers out there the Washington Post is reporting that “Ernest Gallo, 97, who with his brother Julio reaped riches from California grapes, shaping the drinking habits of a nation and creating a wine fortune from a small investment, died March 6 at his home in Modesto, Calif.” Maybe their is something to all of these purpurted health benefits in drinking wine…97 years old.

And then there’s this…

IN LAST WEEK’S issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, a new study on antioxidant supplements, pills that magazine covers in the 1990s trumpeted as potential miracle drugs for their putative cancer-fighting power, concludes that they do not help users live longer and might even increase the risk of death. It’s a reminder that you can’t rely just on bottle labels to make smart choices about which pills to take.

Source: Don’t Take Your Vitamins? –

So what’s one to do, everything that was good is now bad, everything that was bad is
now good. Does anyone spouting all this nonsense really have any clue about what they are talking? I read an article long ago that quoted government reports on the nutritional value of common fruits and vegetables. They compared the values from different decades and the drop across the board was amazing. Now we are being told that the supplements we have been told to take may actually increase our risk of dieing, the diet we have been told to eat is making us obese, the medicines we are prescribed are killing us…And yet on every TV station, in every magazine, and on most billboards we are bombarded with ads for these very same products…

The title of this post came about from looking at my stats on sitemeter…Seems I had as many international hits as I had from the USA. Good to see you all…

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Me three on the wine. Especially now that I can shop online for good bargains.
I really have to wonder if the big pharmaceuticals had anything to do with the study…I know, conspiracies everywhere.

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