Address to the Southern Appalachian Youth on Food conference – By Tom Philpott

I stumbled on Tom Philpott a long while back in connection to my interest in the Boone, NC area. He led me to Grist, where I’ve followed his articles weekly. I found this weeks column covering a talk he gave a good recap of his past articles. If you don’t know Tom click on over and check out what he has to say about “the eco-politics behind your food”.

Tucked into the rolling hills of North Carolina’s Swannanoa Valley, Warren Wilson College is essentially surrounded by a farm. The school’s 800 students not only tend the 275-acre farm — which includes pastured livestock and vegetables — they also provide the labor to run the campus. They do everything from accounting to plumbing to cooking in the cafeteria. I’ve had the privilege of hosting several Warren Wilson kids at Maverick Farms, and I’ve been amazed at how well those kids know how to work, and have plenty of fun while doing it.

Since my last two trips to NC have carried me past Maverick Farms front door, and I’ll be going that way again this summer, I really need to stop by and say thanks for the informative words each week.

Source: My address to the Southern Appalachian Youth on Food conference | By Tom Philpott | Grist | Victual Reality | 08 Mar 2007

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