Everyone down here keeps saying it looks a lot like spring…but…Folks, if it ain’t spring someone really needs to say something to the trees and flowers outside my house. The temps yesterday hit the mid 70’s (as I recall, those were some very good years). I would expect them to hit the same place today…and tomorrow…though the forecast is only calling for the upper 60’s low 70’s. Before all of you who may be reading this start shouting about that being your summertime weather consider the fact that this is the home of the first completely covered sports stadium (now housing three).

While these late winter early spring days are about the only weather we get that is really pleasant the coming days of summer are what we try to avoid. And if their is “Global Warming” or not the very fact that the past decade has been the warmest in recorded history just makes this part of the country that much more “pleasant” in the summer.

I was raised down here on the gulf coast without summer AC and I don’t recall it as being that bad. It wasn’t all that comfortable in July and August but we just spent our afternoons at the neighborhood pool. Season passes for the whole family at about $25. And nighttimes where great, attic fans we called them, great big hulking things in the central hall ceiling sucking humongous amounts of outside air in and through the whole house before blowing it out through the attic. Nighttime was so cool all summer long that you snuggled up under the same cover you used in the winter. Those fans are what spoiled me, I can’t sleep to this day without some type of air movement.

Oh well, on to my email…I’ll be back if I find something interesting…

You gotta love Sitemeter. Not only does it tell you just how few people actually read your meandering thoughts, but it tells you how they stumbled on your blog. Like this from yesterday…Someone hit this site by Googling the question “when does the sun come out in nc“. I didn’t go see what Google returned for an answer but I would have said something long the lines of “usually in the morning unless it’s raining or foggy”.

Looking out my window I see the sun hitting the lower limb above me so I guess I better move…You all have a great day and a very pleasant weekend…Catch you down the ‘way.