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The Thunder Rolls

Pardon me for borrowing the lyric Garth.

Weather Report Last night it rolled…Over and over again. Distant thunder, thunder overhead, I think I even heard thunder rolling out from under the bed. It really wasn’t the loud thunder of the other day, but it seemed much more continuous. Then again, maybe I was just dreaming. Anyway the day is starting wet again. At least this day isn’t socked in like yesterday.

The fog was so thick yesterday it reminded me of my first drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway south of Blowing Rock in the spring of 2000. When I hit that road I couldn’t see 30ft in front of me. I want you to know that was a long drive to the next highway down the ‘way. I figured that was the end of my mountain getaway because they were predicting more of the same the next day. Since I only had two free days, it looked like a loss. But the next day dawned clear and sunny, so I made the effort and it’s been love ever since.

Political Truths Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales finally speaks a greater truth. “I acknowledge that mistakes were made here.”

Sadly, the real mistake was made six years ago when the Supreme Court decided to play king maker. Now we all pay for that mistake.

Playing On The ‘Puter – Patti Smith at CBGB’s, New York, NY – 08/11/1979 from Wolfgang’s Vault.

A Quote For Today “We’re all in this together – by ourselves.” Lily Tomlin

The clocks run away from me again…gotta run myself. Later

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