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Thursday Daybreak

Weather Report – In a word…Quite. I left work yesterday a bit early to make my way home between lines of heavy thunderstorms. I managed to get from one place to the other without getting wet going to and from the car. Had I been just minutes slower at either end of the journey it would have been a “hole nuther story”. Today’s forecast is for partly sunny and 73. What a change a bit of sun will be after the past week.

It looks like the rain we’ve been having is beginning to make its way to the Blue Ridge today. I hope you all don’t see the crazy downpours we have had.

Coffee Muses – Last night while the news was playing, both my wife and my mother-in-law commented on the AG controversy. They have only begun hearing about it as the story makes its way into the main stream media (MSM). Both were surprised though to hear that there was a political side to the story. I guess you have to give credit to the White House media operation for managing to spin the story their way in the MSM. While those of us who don’t pay a lot of attention to the MSM have one understanding of the story, the majority of Americans only get their snippets of news spoon-fed to them by the talking heads that tend to all repeat the standard line. This is another story where the administration felt they could lie and get away with it…My, how times have changed.

The talking head the White House rolled out to rebut criticism last evening on The News Hour had better watch his talking points. He stated that the reason for the change in the way AG’s were appointed was an effort to stop Judges from making political appointments. He said they were just trying to ensure the separation of powers as laid out in the constitution. His comment was along the lines that “we don’t want the judicial branch appointing members of the executive branch”. Would somebody kick this fool. Does he realize how stupid that sounds coming from the only executive branch appointed in it’s entirety by the Supreme Court (which, in case he hasn’t noticed, is THE Judicial Branch). Either this administration lacks a memory or they think the rest of us do…

I see George W made it back north of the border before the fence could be built…That would be about the only good I could see for this fence they want to build.

A Quote for Today

How did it come to be that what we call the news is reported solely by journalists? There are so many other kinds of events besides the narrow band favored by that highly specialized brand of storytellers. Indeed, there are many phenomena that can literally not even be perceived by journalists. Their training, their temperament, and their ambitions make vast areas of human experience invisible to them.

“Ninety-six percent of the cosmos puzzles astronomers.” I loved reading that headline on the CNN website. It showed that our culture’s equivalents of high priests, the scientists, are humble enough to acknowledge that the universe is made mostly of stuff they can’t even detect, let alone study.

If only the journalists were equally modest. Since they’re not, we’ll say it: The majority of everything that happens on this planet is invisible to them.

Source: “PRONOIA IS THE ANTIDOTE FOR PARANOIA: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings” by Rob Brezsny