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TGIF – Week 2770

Photo Friday – Heat

Taken in the desert outside of Las Vegas. Hot it is.

Weather Report – Yesterday ended very clear and seasonably warm(?). The temperature ended up around 76 by the time I got home from work. Even as the sun set, water still stands from all the rain we had in the past 4 days. Last night when I went out to pickup the youngest from work it was threatening fog, which has been in the forecast for both yesterday and today. Looking out our kitchen window, I would say the fog was just a threat here anyway.

Checking the morning email forecast I see the rains we had for the first part of the week have made it to the Blue Ridge. And the storm Kate at Cider Press Hill has been talking about, well they are forecasting snow this morning on Long Island.

Old Houses – This old house we call home amazes me on occasion. It is probably the most solid house I have ever been in. All of the walls, the ceilings and the floors are constructed with real 2×4’s and sheathed in 1″ solid lumber before being clad in paneling on the interior and siding on the exterior. The only house I have ever seen that had more lumber in the walls is the Fulton Mansion we visited last fall. There they nails 2×6’s horizontally on top of each other while offsetting each layer by 1 inch or so. This was then plastered over.

This old house didn’t start out with electricity. Up in the attic you can still see some of the original electrical wires, uninsulated and wrapped around insulators just like the telephone poles running down the road. Amazing. The electrical system in this house has been added to many times over the years. There are three circuit boxes out at the service entrance, one of which feed the original breaker box here in the house. Just two circuits, and they still run most of the electronics we use on a daily basis. The original owners would be amazed at some of the electrical items we are running here. My youngest son just set up one of those electronic drum kits in his room. Every room except the master bedroom has a TV with a DVD player at least. Computers, we have three desktops and a laptop running these days.

You really have to wonder about the conveniences of modern life.

Morning Email Muses

The Ladybug letter #312 arrived this morning. If you have a few minutes wander over and read the beginning of Andy’s bio – “Kisses From A Rodeo Queen”. If the opening paragraph doesn’t grab your interest pass on by…

I was born at the tail end of the fifties, and if it’s true that we are what we eat, I didn’t stay pure for long. My parents were students, and we lived in an unremarkable apartment building in Berkeley. One night a neighbor hosted a cocktail party. The next morning my mother helped her friend clean up while I crawled around on the floor. When mom caught up with me I was eating cigarette butts and washing them back with the dregs of yesterday’s martinis. Quite by coincidence, we were visited that afternoon by a couple of dry old ladies from the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. They asked my mother to pledge that she would never her precious baby’s lips touch demon alcohol. Too late.

I stumbled onto Andy and Julia when I read one of Andy’s essays after the Spinach ecoli misadventure and liked the way he writes. I also like the attitude he and Julia bring to their vegetable raising enterprise.

Source: Kisses From A Rodeo Queen—A Short Biography at The Ladybug Letter

A Quote for Today

From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte