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Spring Again…Happy St. Pat’s Day

Weekend Weather – As I sit here this morning with the door open and birdsong on the “soundtrack”, it is cool and blue. Fifty-three degrees and one of those after the cold front blue skies that only happen in the cooler few months of the year. It promises to be a beautiful day.

Driving home from work on Friday I was enthralled with the spring green color of the environment around me. It seems that almost every tree and shrub is now showing at least some color. And the color of the light in the mornings and the evenings is so complementary to this shade of green.

Coffee Muses on a Saturday Morning – I see the morning news is still all abuzz about the AG and the firings. At the rate things are going the Congress isn’t gonna be passing many laws with all of the scandalous doings of the administration.

I’ve been playing around today with the GTD Inbox for Gmail Firefox addon. As an old timer when it comes to GTD, I discovered David Allen back a decade ago, I am happy to see someone manage to port the methodology to Gmail.

Politics – Is it just me, or is David Brooks making even less sense than usual as he tries to let the White House off the hook? It has gotten embarrassing to watch him squirm around trying to spin the news on a daily basis. To think the best he can do on most things is call it “ancient history”. Which, I guess, means that since no one could investigate anything with the old congress, the Bush administration now deserves a get out of jail free card for everything that hs happened in the past two – three – four, I don’t know David, do we just give everyone in this administration a retroactive pardon? Jeez, get real. If laws were broken it’s time for someone to pay the piper.

Quote for Today

Reading Fragments From Floyd on Friday I followed Fred’s link to his new “Fieldnotes from Nameless Creek: a Photographic Excursion” where I read the following. I felt compelled to put it here.

Go slowly in nature and stop often. Look for the particulars. Take notes and draw sketches. Learn a dozen trees and recognize them in leaf, fruit and branch in every season. Learn a dozen wildflowers from spring, from summer and from autumn. And rekindle curiosity and wonder. Each insect or flower holds its own mystery and unique design. Be able to name a dozen birds, first by sight, then by their call alone. Know some salamanders-while they last-and a few dragonflies and even some common spiders and snakes.

Source: Fragments From Floyd:September 2005 Archives