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Monday Morning Muse

Traffic Report

Seems like I got noticed yesterday. While I went about my normal Sunday business (including playing Grandpa for a while in the afternoon) I had two or three normal weeks of traffic hit this blog in an afternoon. And it all happened thanks to George Will.

So thank you Mr Will, your post on the anger of the left-“Anger Iis All The Rage“, well, it left me angry. My post in reply was spotted by The Mahablog. All I can say is thanks for the kind words and the referral. All traffic help is appreciated. Trust me when I say this, it wont be the last time I feel the need to blast back at George Will.


The uncommonly mild weather continues unabated across the south and up the east coast into the Blue Ridge Mountains. Looks like at this rate late July could rival our first vacation into North Carolina back in August 2003. As hot as that may be, it is nothing like the heat of a Texas summer. ‘Though I am beginning to worry when the temps in Boone keep coming within spittin’ distance of the temps in Houston in early March…

Well it’s time to hit the road…Ya’ll have a good day and a great week…