Sleeping in on a Saturday morning

This old man was up later than usual last evening waiting to pick up the youngest from her job at the Taco emporium (Texas style fast food) so I really looked forward to sawing logs right on into the daylight hours. The plan might have had some semblance of working had there been any daylight. Instead, ‘long ’bout half past 6 the band started warming up. You know the ones, they played at the Highland Games last year on Grandfather Mountain. They came from Scotland and they have an over abundance of percussion.

Boom ta da boom, boom boom ta da BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM…I loved the band but wasn’t expecting a command performance outside my bedroom window.

Oh…That’s not Albannach, that’s thunder. Ok, Ok I give up, I’m up…

That was a couple of hours ago. As I sit here in my kitchen by the window we are experiencing a lull in the downpour. Good thing too, there is at least three inches of water over most of my yard and the ditch is full…

The view from the front porch…and the kitchen window

This is the same view from last week.