Country Roads In Texas

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the possibility of a road trip. The weather stayed iffy even as we left the house at Noon. The wife, youngest daughter and I piled into the car and hit the road anyway. Both of the women in the party were not feeling well but could not be talked into staying behind.

I was really beginning to feel worried as we drove north and west on Texas Highway 36 thru Brazoria and Fort Bend Counties. The wildflower crop thus far consisted of Indian Paintbrushes and a few clumps of Buttercups. Austin County started to bring a few clumps of Bluebonnets mixed into the Paintbrushes.

Then we hit Washington County…And the views were spectacular. This was our first stop. All of these shots were taken within 20 feet of each other.

All photos are taken with a Nikon D80, processed through Photmatix and PhotoShop…More to come this week.

2 Replies to “Country Roads In Texas”

  1. Great pictures! I am working on a flyer for breast cancer awareness and this would be a great background. Do you mind if I use the top bluebonnet picture in the flyer?

  2. So long as you give me attribution and it is not for commercial purposes…feel free to use it. It would be nice to have a copy if you do…

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