“How do I find country roads?”

More from Leon Hale’s Column last week along with more pictures of Sundays Country Road Trip…

I’ve had Houston people ask, “How do I find country roads? How do I start?”

Just pick up a road map and get out of town. Drive up to Huntsville or Navasota or Giddings or Brenham or Columbus. Go to Hallettsville, La Grange, Eagle Lake, Yoakum, Cuero. Or up to Cleveland, Livingston, Saratoga, Woodville, Jasper.

But get off the big highways and onto the narrow blacktops. Then watch for dirt roads that look inviting.

My partner and I have roamed dirt roads in Washington and Fayette and Austin counties for years, and we still find roads we’ve never been on and broad fields of wildflowers we’ve never seen before.

Source: Hale: Dirt roads are Texas treasures | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Country Road Vistas of Washington County, Texas