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Mountain Musings

I sometimes feel like I am deceiving folks as they search the web. The theme of this blog being what it is, but the writing being based on my life here in Texas, causes mischief with all of the search engines. So if you end up here looking for North Carolina wildflowers or dirt roads or weather or anything else, I apologize for the misdirection. I also am looking for all of those things in my life on a daily basis. The future will bring them…or not.

But right now, right here you can find beautiful images of the northwestern North Carolina mountains this spring at Marie’s Blue Ridge Blog. For images of the southern North Carolina Mountains try Liz’s Southern Highlands Camera. A new blog about the Tennessee Mountains with some overlap into NC can be found at Appalachian Treks. Southwestern Virginia is represented (at least in my daily reads) by Fred at Fragments From Floyd and Doug at Blue Ridge Muse. So if you are here looking for some spring in the mountains check out the above blogs, they all put some really nice photos up regularly.

And keep coming back here, while my pictures of the mountains tend to only cover summer, I take enough each trip across the country to keep new ones coming all year long. Plus, someday… somehow, I will make the move and then I’ll be posting my own shots year round. Until then you’ll just have to put up with the pictures in the body of this blog not matching the ones at the header or footer.

Thanks for stopping by…

4 replies on “Mountain Musings”

Thanks Lorna, I am beginning to just hope I make it before I have to sell Gulf frontage property…The twenty or so miles to the coast don’t rise much coming my way. And with an elevation of about 30′ this old house won’t last long if sea level starts up…

And they were gorgeous this year and early to boot. I haven’t had a chance to get back north of here to see if the freeze got em though.

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