Monday Evening Wine Muses

It looks like I am running a bit behind today…

The sad thing is, I had nothing started I can even half finish to throw out with the wash water.

I haven’t had time to run my blogroll and see what’s happening out there as I have been playing grandpa a bunch this last weekend. When I came in from work the little bit was in Grandma’s arms. After I changed and checked on the new kittens on the back porch I grabbed the grandson and bonded some more. The little toot is now in the living room with the grandma type person having his supper bottle.

Looks like the winter weather is coming to an end. It’ll be back up to 80 again tomorrow.

Looks like a number of folks in my daily reading list have been tagged with the “Thinking Blog Award” this past week. Congrats to all…I knew I read all you folks for a reason. And following the links on in your own awards has led to some interesting reading…

The wine glass calls so I’ll catch y’all on the other side of the dark…

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