Wednesday Coffee Muses

Forgive the sparsity of the posts those few of you who check this site regularly. It has been a busy few weeks at work. For the last week as I’ve gone through the morning email I haven’t felt the compulsion to comment on the world at large or my own little corner of it. Then the Monday evil that happened in Virgina left me with a lot to say but no need to add my voice to the general noise level that existed.

The Virginia Tech shootings hit home because of the connection it has with many of my virtual friends from Floyd and Boone. The first thought I had was of them and their friends and families. Then as the news stories filtered out I had a growing anger. My anger was not at the gunman, that sick man was beyond my anger, but with the reporters.

As they questioned the officials and witnesses they were able to corner, these reporters were being rude. They were acting like they had the right to have there questions answered even when the reasons they weren’t being answered made sense. And they became more demanding. At the time nobody involved had any clue of the magnitude of the disaster and yet these reporters wanted answers in internet time…Folks, for people who can’t seem to even ask a question about the way the country or the war or the world for that matter is being run, to rake the college police and the witnesses over the coals for what they did and didn’t do in a manner consistent with the reporters time sense was uncalled for at the very least.

Let me add my sympathies to those of all the others in this country for the families and friends of those that were slain. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all in this time of great sorrow.