HDR my backyard nature photography

Spring Blooms

Yesterday I posted on the perfume wafting on the spring air. Here are the two main culprits for the ultra sweet fragrance. White and yellow blooms are everywhere along the edge of the woods along the backyard.

As I wandered here on both Saturday and Sunday I was amazed at the insect life that abounded on all of the blooms attracted, I’m sure by the same fragrance that had me adrift in time. The predominate insect seemed to be what we call locally “love-bugs”. Tiny black flying insects that at this time of the year are always joined to each other in the nether regions. Soon they will be so numerous you have trouble not inhaling vast quantities as you roam around outside.

I was happy to see some honeybees working the blooms this weekend. While they were few in number, at least they are still around. Earlier I had mention the lack of sightings this spring. You can definitely tell they aren’t as common as in past years just by the number of apples on my two (way to south) trees. Each year we have a large number of really small tart apples. This year I’ve only spotted a couple of apples trying to grow…

Then there is this big guy. These bees are always visiting the thistle blooms in our field. I was actually amazed I was able to catch any shots at all over the weekend due to the almost constant wind. It did make the day much more enjoyable, without the breeze the high of 78 would have been a bit much, but then this is Texas…I’ll post some more shots tomorrow.

Y’all have a great day…