Monday in Paradise

The weekend at work turned into more physical “work” than this older body has become accustomed to. Yesterday morning before returning to work the body was really complaining in all of the joints and muscles. But the job got done and the big show that opens today will be one more for the line stretching back into the early ’70’s.

Unless you have ever worked the setup of a trade show, you have no idea how totally chaotic it can seem to an outsider. This is the industry I have called home now for 34 years this month. The constant movement over the first 2/3rds of that career, all on concrete usually carrying heavy weight, is now catching up with my desk bound (mostly) body…Where did the time fly.

From the look of the yard, I’ll need to spend a bit of time this week riding the Deere. Mind you, I am not a fanatic about lawns (one of the reasons I discovered a decided unfitness for life in the “master planned communities” the developers around here call their suburbs. I like my “civilized” nature a little ragged around the edges. I am not much of a string-trimmer kind of guy. It usually drives the immediate neighbors a bit wild…In this climate though, at this time of year at least you have to ride the Deere at least every other week. Later in the season the weekly ride is almost too little. And, just for the record, I refuse to fertilize and water lawn grass. I know, not very neighborly of me in this “yard beautiful” world.

Oh well, gotta run…May your Monday be Un-Mondayish.