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It’s another Wednesday Morning in Paradise…

Or, Once again around the circle of the week.

Todays weather promises to be brutal. Yesterday evening at sundown the thermometer was still registering 80. This morning before sunup it’s already at 70. That wouldn’t be so bad but I see the humidity is at 97%…It’s gonna be a scorcher out today.

My commute yesterday turned very long…And there was no traffic. Over the last week the kittens we have living with us till they get up to bye bye size have taken to sleeping on top of my bag (computer, planner, etc). Yesterday before I left, I checked the bag glanced inside and zipped it up as I moved it out the door. Drove to work, grabbed my stuff and went in. As I went to sign in at the front desk I heard a meow…Sure enough, one of the pesky kittens had burrowed down deep in my bag and gone to sleep. So it was back out to the car, back to the house with one little white kitten riding the whole way home on my shoulder…Then back to work, an hour late…You really gotta love life’s little games…

Oh well, I got a passel of emails…

Looking at the daily forecast I really do have a bit of a worry. This year has been very strange for the Blue Ridge. I understand mid 80’s down here in SE Texas on the Gulf of Mexico in May but it should not be getting that warm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia this early in the year. I remember our first family vacation to Valle Crucis, it was August and we left 100 degrees plus down here for the mid 80’s in the valley. All of the workers at the Mast were miserable, according to them it just didn’t ever get that hot in Valle Crucis. We smiled at that and enjoyed the cool (to us). That was just about 5 years ago and here the temperatures are already that high in May (and they have been that warm a lot this year).

I would say this is going to be the straw that breaks a lot of ecological camels backs. After years of watching different species decline, warmer than normal weather is going to start pushing a number of species back north…even on the higher elevations.

I see that Dana Milbank has the same problem that the rest of the Media seems to have with Al Gore. They just can’t take it that he isn’t running. So what do they do? Well it looks like Mr. Milbank puts him in his place for being smart. Again and again and again he puts him in his place. Then Mr. Milbank puts the hog farmers of Iowa in their place…

Imagine the Iowa hog farmer cracking open “Assault on Reason,” and meeting Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Paine, John Kenneth Galbraith, Walter Lippmann, Johannes Gutenberg, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Jefferson and Marshall McLuhan — all before finishing the introduction.

I guess Mr. Milbank doesn’t think Iowa farmers have read any history. Talk about Media snobbishness.

He spoke of Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson and John Stuart Mill, only briefly mixing up his patriots: “James Madison wrote — no, Thomas Paine, I’m sorry.” He gave a brief history of the printing press’s spread through Northern Europe. He used social science phrases such as “the collective process” and the “marketplace of ideas” and the “exchange of goods and services” and “guided by the role of reason.” And he threw in a New Age feel when he discussed the Internet: “It is simply that we have to conjure the full importance that it has in our lives in ways that go beyond what we can see and hear with our senses.”

You know, I have listened to Al Gore, I have listened to Bill Clinton, I have listened to George H. W. Bush, and I have listened to George W Bush…Only one of those men has ever had me wanting to throw things through the TV because he didn’t make any sense, and it wasn’t Al Gore. Why do some people have so much trouble with feeling put upon by a person with a brain who actually uses it? Story after story after story comes out of the Media that plays upon the “superiority” they feel oozes from Al Gore. What is that all about?

Well hell, go read it for yourself if ya want…Washington Post – Dana Milbank

The clock on the wall says it’s time to run…catch ya later…

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Tuesday – Back to work…

Yesterday was a great day to sit inside and watch the rains come down. After days of watching the rains miss us here in northeastern Brazoria County, they came down with a vengeance yesterday afternoon. We still have water standing in all of the low spots around the yard though the ditches have drained…The weather prognosticators are predicting more for today. At least all the rain keeps the temperatures down. Or it does till the sun comes back out to stay, then its just like living in a sauna.

I was really lucky to have made the decision to start my brisket on the smoker on Sunday. By the time the kids arrived yesterday afternoon, the barbecue was done to a turn. Nothing like a long slow cooking to make a briskets dissolve in your mouth with just the right amount of smoke flavoring. So even though the weather didn’t cooperate, the traditional start of summer barbecue came off fine…

Well I am running late and I spent some time this morning catching up with some of the folks on my blogroll so I have to hit the road…Later.

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Memorial Day 2007

As I sit here in my quiet house on a rainy Memorial Day morning the thunder rumbles in the distance. Later today the family will gather for some good food and company, but now I am wandering the web reading Memorial Day posts. Eventually I’ll get around to my email, but for now it’s the thoughtful posts of memory that are holding my interest.

Leon Hale, in his newspaper column today talks of remembering the 14 friends he lost in WWII. There was one line in his column today that summed up Memorial Day in a whole new way for me…

I don’t need Memorial Day to remind me of these friends. I think about them all the time. Fourteen lives that didn’t get lived.

“Lives that didn’t get lived”. That’s what Memorial Day is, a honoring of the sacrifice of a life, a life not lived to completion. The families not formed or left unfinished, the friends left behind and the friends unmade, the wives and children, both left behind and never created…The lives unlived.

Spend some time today and think on the lives that didn’t get lived…There have been a lot of those unlived lives in this nation’s history. It’s our responsibility to all of those unlived lives to be sure that their sacrifice was justified, that the many lives that will never be because of those cut short are worth the sacrifice we demand of our warriors.

On this Memorial Day as more lives are being put on the line in battles around this world, we must always remember it isn’t the life that ended we are memorializing…It’s the life that wasn’t lived.