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Sunday Thoughts

If my posting slows down a bit in the coming weeks, chances are it’s due to a bit of a family crisis coming to a head. Nothing life threatening (at least for now), just parental control running up against teenaged thoughts of adulthood. Youngest daughter has taken the opportunity of her 17th birthday to remove herself from the family household. Seems in Texas even though the law says children don’t become adults until 18, the police do not consider them runaways at 17 unless you suspect foul play. So now we wait to see where this goes…

On a more positive note, it appears the question of what’s happening to the bees is moving into everyday Americans living rooms this week. I heard on the TV this morning that the prime time evening news is making the disappearance the “Disaster of the Week”. That will either move it into the attention span of the average American or make it old news before anyone even has a clue as o what is causing the problem. I must say the possibilities I have seen so far seem a bit far fetched but anything is possible.

The only news out of the Republican “Debate” that really caught by eye was that three of the candidates actually did raise their hands when asked how many did not believe in evolution…How do you feel about these three controlling the budgets for the different departments scientific research? The Department of Education? Just asking…

I better get up and do something…Even if it’s not “the” right thing.

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I wish you luck and your daughter safety, Gary. I wish there was an all inclusive wave of the wand to make everything all better.

Thanks Kate, this has been a long time coming. We’ve tried to keep her here with bribes and threats and inducements. All to naught. It wouldn’t be quite so hard on her mother if she would at least call (not that the mom isn’t walking around with enough self-inflicted guilt right now anyway).

I guess to put it somewhat in perspective,or youngest began at about twelve to tell us how she couldn’t wait to leave…Like I said a long time coming.

Again, thanks for the thoughts.

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