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Daybreak Muses

I was just looking at the morning weather forecast for Boone, NC. It set me to wondering about how normal these (seemingly) high temperatures were so I clicked over to Ray’s Weather and checked the almanac for Boone. Looks like Boone will be flirting with record highs this week if the forecast is right. You know, when the mountains of the Blue Ridge are pushing Texas Gulf Coast temperatures day after day this early in spring, well folks you got a big problem. ‘Cause I can’t grow apples down here for spit…And the ski season is summer and it’s on liquid snow.

I have a bit of time to kill this morning before I go see the family practitioner about this persistent hoarseness that I have developed. I have a feeling it’s an environmental allergy to something at the office. It seems to have developed after I moved from the 2nd to the 1st floor. After that it’s off to work.

I was out a little earlier shooting some of those infamous foggy morning photos. Once I get the chance to process the shots I’ll post some here and at the PhotoBlog (if they look presentable).