Almost No-Coffee Muse

Weekday coffee in this house is made by my wife as she is up and out the door most mornings before I roll out at 5:30. Yesterday’s coffee was a little cool by the time I sat down with my first cup and when I checked the warming plate wasn’t…So I figured it was time to replace a coffee maker. Since the drip side had worked ok I figured it was just the warming plate that had died. My hope was that the coffee would brew and I would just sit it on the stove to stay warm…I warned my wife last evening we would need to be replacing the c-maker today.

This morning we both slept in but I was the first to stir. So I stumbled into the kitchen to make the pot. I poured in the water, put the coffee in the filter, turned on the pot and waited…and waited…and waited. Now I am not the one in this household who has to have that first cup before my eyes can open, though that once would have described me well. So it was off to wally world to grab a new appliance. I didn’t spend a lot of time comparing features or price or anything else for that matter, I knew I was on short minutes here. I found a basic brew machine that did not have a pot. Instead it dispenses with a push bar you push your cup against. I did check to make sure my travel cup would fit before I picked it up though…I managed to pay for the new “brewstation” and get home, wash it out and make the first pot before Sherry wandered in rubbing her eyes and heading for the pot…Thank you for small favors.

I can only hope not everyones morning started out quite as hectic…Have a great weekend.